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Mahatma Gandhi once said; 


“Be the change you want to see in the world”.


My friends, what does this change mean for you? 


For many of us, the idea of a better, fairer, and more inclusive world for everyone starts with being a beacon of hope for the people who need us. 


Our charity organization’s goal is exactly this; to change the lives of people with autism and intellectual disability (in particular the underserved special needs with ESL-second-language), and offer them the support that they need to become active contributors to the society and the economy. 


We at www.autisticminds.org believe that these young adults might be dependent on caregivers but they are truly passionate, talented and creative if given the right opportunities. Our goal is to help bring out their true potential by giving them opportunities through education which enables them to find their calling, instead of only staying at home and indulging in pass-time activities. Our organization’s goal is to help them be proud of their talents, and bring contribution to the economic development of their societies. This, however we cannot do alone. My friends, I implore you all to support us in our mission by forwarding the event page, so that word may be spread of our noble cause. We invite you to come join us on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, and/or show your support by being generous with your donations and contributions. Every single dollar matters to this cause, my friends; what matters is that we show our support and stand in solidarity with people who are trying to bring a positive change in society. 


Thank you for your attention, and we hope to hear from you soon! 

Sponsors & volunteers

Thank you to our Sponsors

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Classic Vinyl
Classic Vinyl

Some songs: You May Be Right | Billy Joel Keep Your Hands to Yourself | Georgia Satellites Johnny B Goode | Chuck Berry Jumpin’ Jack Flash | Rolling Stones Last Dance with Mary Jane | Tom Petty Money for Nothing | Dire Straits Dirty Laundry | Don Henley No Matter What | Badfinger Walk Away | James Gang Folsom Prison | Johnny Cash Act Naturally | Beatles Sultans of Swing | Dire Straits Brass in Pocket | The Pretenders The Joker | Steve Miller Lay Down Sally | Eric Clapton What I Like About You |

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All proceeds will benefit Autistic Minds